Le Nostrane – Olive e antipasti
#iCiliegini SemiDry

#iCiliegini SemiDry

Harvested in July, the tomatoes are picked, washed, selected, cut, salted and partially dried. The semi dried tomatoes are stored in EVO oil to bring out the scent and sweet taste typical of this food. A product that has always been present in our local tradition.

Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, sunflower seed oil, EVO oil, spices in variable proportions (garlic and oregano), salt.
Acidity regulator: citric acid.

Adapter weights and palletizing

Product Code Net Weight Drained Net Weight Unit x Box Box per Pallet Layers per Pallet Box per Layer
Ermetico Glass JarPOMSEMYVE022200 g130 g6 x1441212

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