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Le Nostrane products
are much more than meets the eye.

There are stories, memories and all the learning of preparations that preserve the taste of the time and the air of our land.

The strength of these values guides us in the transformation of the best vegetables in the typical products of our territorial identity, according to traditional recipes.

It’s important for us to share the taste that has the scent of home.

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#iCiliegini semidry

Small and round, the cherry tomatoes are proposed semi-dried, lavored with garlic, oregano, basil and extra virgin olive oil. A versaile product, innovaive and appeizing that brings all the heat of summer to the table. Perfect to complete the preparaions, on bread, pizza, dressings or natural.

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The many varieties found in the Mediterranean basin, are proposed in different combinations – natural, flavored, marinated or pickled – according to a vision that enhances the essence of the product, the protagonist of traditional local recipes.

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Vegetables with intense flavor of sun-ripened Calabria, carefully selected and processed freshly picked to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.
The selection of appetizers made with mixed vegetables or monotype, variously assorted, associated with the right balance of flavors and matured in oil, is to be savored in its tempting versatility.

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