Le Nostrane – Olive e antipasti
Black “Cellina di Nardò” Pitted Olives

Black “Cellina di Nardò” Pitted Olives

The main characteristic of this variety is its smalla size and deep black colour. Vary tasty.
Excellent as an ingredient for meet pizzaiola style (in tomato souce) or swordfish from the Straits of Messina.

Ingredients: Cellina di Nardò black olives, water, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid.

Adapter weights and palletizing

Product Code Net Weight Drained Net Weight Unit x Box Box per Pallet Layers per Pallet Box per Layer
Bucket 3,5 lOLIDS353100 g1700 g290615
Bucket 8,3 lOLIDS048300 g4000 g75515

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