Le Nostrane – Olive e antipasti


A delicious and versatile mix of vegetables with a slightly hot twist.
Perfect on grilled bread and pizza, to season pasta dishes or added to your special recipes.

Ingredients: red spicy chili peppers, sweet red peppers, sundried tomatoes, aubergine filettes, black pitted olives, capers, sunflower oil, spices in variable proportion (garlic and oregano), salt, acidity regulator: citric and lactic acid.

Bruschetta - Bruschetta - Le Nostrane

Bruschetta - Le Nostrane

Bruschetta - Special Pot 249 ml - LINGFSP02

Special Pot 249 ml - LINGFSP02

Bruschetta - Pot Ge 760 ml - LINGFS05

Pot Ge 760 ml - LINGFS05

Bruschetta - Tray 1000 ml - LINGF10

Tray 1000 ml - LINGF10

Adapter weights and palletizing

Product Code Net Weight Drained Net Weight Unit x Box Box per Pallet Layers per Pallet Box per Layer
Special Pot 249 mlLINGFSP02200 g-121441212
Pot Ge 760 mlLINGFS05700 g-5108129

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