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Baked Black Olives

Baked Black Olives

The dried olives with salt, produced with a high content of typical Moroccan tradition, derive from an entirely artisanal production, it seems to be of Greek origin.
It starts with a careful selection, from which only well-ripened are selected. It is followed by a softening in brine renewed several times, and a drying on wood.
The product is then treated with salt only and packed in barrels, where it will stand for three months.
In order to promote the absorption of salt, once a month the olives are stirred by using the same drum. At the end of the process, the olives have a shiny appearance, soft consistency and a full and decisive flavor.

Excellent as ingredients in cooking and happy hour.

Ingredients: Black olives, sunflower seeds oil, spices in variable proportion (garlic and chili pepper), acidity regulator: lactic acid.

Adapter weights and palletizing

Product Code Net Weight Drained Net Weight Unit x Box Box per Pallet Layers per Pallet Box per Layer
Bucket 3,5 lNELS353100 g2000 g290615
Bucket 8,3 lNELS058300 g5000 g75515

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